For this project, I am experimenting with ways of working creatively with outcomes other than produced, live performance.  I am interested in how visual and analog mediums can intersect with dance making.  I also want to (re)connect/continue to work with artists that I know across geography, time, and place.

SCORE CARDS embraces the pairing of tactile/embodied, ephemera/ephemeral, long distance/social distance networking, snail/e-mail, analog/digital, 2D/3D.

How it works: I create a one-of-a-kind visual/choreographic card.  I mail the card to a dance artist.  The dance artist uses the score to choreograph or improvise a 1-3 minute SOLO dance and sends back digital documentation of what they make.  Click the images below to see the responses.

Laura's Card.jpg
Rebecca Bryant.jpg
sarah johnson.jpg

SCORE CARDS is in direct conversation with composer Matthew Kennedy's Miniatures for One.  This project draws from archives of related dance, collage, mail, score/directive works from Remy Charlip, Simone Forti, Barbara Kruger, Hannah Höch, Annie-B Parson, and many more.

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