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Critical Mass CI @ 50 Dance Film Screening


July 7, Oberlin OH

Home Movies

-Movimiento en Movimiento Festival, Mexico City Sept. 23 – 30, 2022

-MicroActs Film Screening Jan. 27, 2022 London, UK

-Reno Dance Festival Dec. 1 & 2, 2021

-ADF Movies by Movers June 25, 2022

-Canyon Flats Video Installation, Reno, NV. August 2022

100 Dances for Times of Turmoil

A new evening of dance theatre

- March 23-24 Reno NV

People in Cities

-enCore: Dance on Film Decatur, GA  May 28-Sept, 2021

-Light Moves Festival 2021, Limerick, Ireland Sept. 23-26

-San Francisco Dance Film Festival Oct. 15-24, 2021

-Frame X Frame Dance Film Festival, Houston, TX Dec. 2020

-DAM Short Film Festival, Boulder City, NV Feb. 2021

-Opine Dance Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA March 2021

Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency

Feb-March 2020

______ Full of Women

Small Plates Honolulu

Sept. 20, 2019

Soft Spots: a new evening of dance

Feb. 1 & 2, 2019 Reno, NV

Columbia College Teaching and Choreography Residency

Columbia, SC  Oct. 22-27, 2018

Women in Cities

-Altered Aesthetics Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN June 1, 2017

-DanceBARN ScreenDANCE Festival, MN, July 29, 2017

-VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, AR, August  21-27, 2017

-Big River Dance Festival, Sept. 23, 2017

-San Souci, Boulder, CO Sept. 22 & 24, 2017

-Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Oct. 21, 2017

-ADF Movies for Movers, June 2018

Track 45

Cleveland Dance Fest

November 10-11, 2017

Fill in the Blank

An evening of new dance theatre

-Sugar Space, Salt Lake City, UT May 2016

-Going Dutch Festival, CHocago, IL May 2018

Gravity’s Angel

-Detroit City Dance Festival August 2016

- Long Legs, Short Film, NYC June 2016

-Jacksonville Dance FIlm Festival, April  2016

-RADFest, Kalamazoo, MI March 2016

-Opine Dance Film Festival, Atlanta, GA March 2016

-Philadelphia Screendance Festival, February 2016

-Utah Dance Film Festival, Provo, UT February 2016


28 More or Less

-Your Move, Jersey City, NJ 2015

 -Downtown Dance Collective, Reno, NV 2015

 -Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, Huntsville, TX 2014


The Rosie Rogers Cowgirl Show

-The Prague Fringe Festival, May 2014

-Future Tenant, Pittsburgh March 2014


The Devil’s in the Details

-Brazos Collective Dance Festival, College Station, TX 2015

-Comedy in Dance Festival, NYC 2015

-The Dance Gathering, Houston TX 2012



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